About Us

Welcome to Epick – The Ultimate Place to Shop for Anything about Cats

Who are we?

Epick is not just any business – Epick has been hard work and is about effort and team work.  Epick is the work of two women living in different parts of the world who want to give back to the community, live according to their values with their ideas, work and efforts. With a strong focus on customer service we, Viv and Dan look forward to serving our clients the best way and creating loyal clientele with exceptional products and prices.

What's in the name?

Epic is so that we hope you have an epic shopping experience with us!  We hope you enjoy the selection of products we have spent hours researching.  We hope you find it easy to navigate our website from your first peek to the time your order arrives.  We aim to make every step of the way epic, and we aim to offer the best customer service.

Pick is so that we hope you are as picky as we are!  We have selected the best products with five star reviews from 100s of customers.  Our suppliers must have top supplier ranking, and our products must have the wow factor - fun, cat-related, enjoyed by hundreds of buyers, and supplied by reliable suppliers.  

We research and keep up-to-date with our customers reviews and our supplier reliability.

Why buy from us?

We aim to offer the best customer service, a no nonsense returns policy and great products with the least amount of research or fuss on your part.  We want loyal, happy customers who come back to us again and again.


Epick is just the beginning; it will go a long way with some of the finest products that you can find online.  Stay with us to get notified about our latest range of products and best deals.

We are not just named Epick because it sounds good but because it reflects the awesome products that we offer to our customers.  If you are looking for the best gift ideas, we have the perfect selection for you, whatever your budget or style.



Have an epic shopping experience at the epick store!